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Is nature writing a form of escapism?

It’s been unbearably warm all day – too warm to go outside – so I have been sat by an open window, reading and moving as little as possible. We decided, once it started to cool down in the evening, to go for a cycle ride to Attenborough – down to the river. There is …

A rainy afternoon at Attenborough

Yesterday, I woke up at 5am to listen to the dawn chorus. It wasn’t quite as impressive as I’d hoped. I could have done with getting up a bit earlier and I did just stick my head out of the window, rather than going for a walk in a wooded area. The noises of traffic …

Attenborough Nature Reserve

On Saturday we cycled over to Attenborough Nature Reserve, which is a 145 hectare area of flooded gravel pits bordering the River Trent. The gravel pits are divided up by a series of islands and paths, which form a circular route round the nature reserve.