Below is a selection of publications I’ve written for, edited, and/or guided through the publication process.

The Anglican: interim editor and writer, 2022-present

I acted as interim editor for The Anglican for the January-March 2022 issues. At that time, the paper was print only. I contact clergy and parishioners for content and copy edit their pieces, as well as conducting interviews, writing articles, and liaising with the designer and printer.

The Anglican is now also available online and I still occasionally write articles for the paper when needed. Take a look at my articles.

Faith Tides/Diocesan Post: editor, 2021-present

I am the editor of Faith Tides, a monthly online newsletter of the Anglican Diocese of Island and Inlets. I contact clergy and parishioners for content, copy edit their pieces to conform to the Canadian Press Stylebook, conduct interviews, and write articles. I also liaise with the proofreader, upload content to the website and send out a newsletter to subscribers.

Prior to January 2022, the newsletter was known as the Diocesan Post, which published in print and as a digital PDF. As editor of the Post, I also liaised with a designer and printer.

Take a look at my articles.

Stonecrop Review: co-founder and editor, 2018-present

In 2018, I co-founded literary magazine Stonecrop Review, along with artist and illustrator Holly McKelvey. The magazine publishes writing, art, and photography that explores the intersection of humans and nature in cities. We’ve published five issues, exploring the themes: overgrown, roots/routes, sky, fauna, and flora. The magazine is available in print and as a digital PDF.

As editor, I track, review and select submissions; copy edit written pieces; and provide input on the order and layout of the magazine. Holly, meanwhile, does the layout and has contributed original illustrations.

Water Shocks: communications officer, 2017

Water Shocks is a publication from Wetlands International. It details the impact that the destruction of wetlands in Africa’s Sahel region is having on outward human migration.

As communications officer, I helped guide the publication from a text document to the final printed product. This included proofreading, working with a designer on the layout and graphics, sourcing and selecting photographs, and finding and liaising with the printer.