Duck spotting

Image by sean_hickin
Image by sean_hickin

I recently started volunteering as a writer for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust‘s Wildlife in the City project and my first article for them is now online: Spring into duck spotting!

It’s all about my new (and possibly invented) pastime of duck spotting. I’ve been going for regular walks round the lake of at the University of Nottingham’s campus and over time I’ve started to notice more and more ducks where before I only saw the common Mallard duck.

In fact, just the other day whilst on a cycle ride though Attenborough Nature Reserve I stopped to look at one of the pondsĀ  and my boyfriend said there’s nothing but Mallards, until I pointed out the Teal hiding in the reeds. On that same trip I was also pleased to spot a Great crested grebe (pictured above) with its beautiful mane of fiery orange feathers, so I can now add that to my growing list of waterfowl sightings.

I will probably be quiet again for a while here because I have 5 writing projects to work on over the next month, but I will keep you up to date on those and hopefully be back with some more regular posts once all the deadlines are out of the way. You can also follow me on Twitter for micro-updates @NaomiRacz.

N.B. My duck spotting article was also picked to feature in the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s member’s magazine, which gets mailed out to members quarterly. It’s so pleasing to see my name in print!

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