I have been honing my writing skills from an early ageat 16 I was selected to be a Young Writer in Residence at Manchester’s Contact Theatre and had my short play performed by professional actors. In 2012, I earned a Master of Arts degree in Writing, Nature and Place from the University of Exeter. This unique programme involved reading widely within the British nature writing canon, as well as getting outside the classroom to write about nature and sense of place. I also have a Diploma in Copywriting from the Blackford Centre.

Beginning in 2012, I worked in communications for a UK university and for two Dutch environmental NGOs. These roles involved writing and editing a range of copy, including brochures and leaflets; blogs and articles; press releases; web copy; appeal letters; email newsletters; and annual reports.

Examples of past copywriting work

This letter could help save a dog’s life (appeal letter written as part of the Copywriting Diploma)
The Key to the SDGs: Conserving and Restoring Wetlands (article for Wetlands International in Impakter Magazine)
Time travel with wetlands (blog post for Wetlands International)
Roofing and Swift Conservation (article for Swift Conservation in Roofing Today)
Duck Spotting by Naomi Racz (article for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in Wild About Notts)
Are Politics departments making the most of social media? (article for the University of Nottingham in Political Insight)

Personal essays

I also write more personal pieces for various online publications. I can write on the following topics:
– nature (with a particular focus on the current state of nature writing, and nature in the city)
– the outdoors (including rock climbing, multi-day cycling trips, and hiking, with a particular focus on Vancouver Island)
– the art and craft of writing
– parenting and childhood

Examples of published personal essays

I came late to a love of birds, in Zoomorphic Magazine
Shopping centres, caves and the fate of us all, in The Learned Pig
All the wild horses, for the Center for Humans & Nature’s City Creatures Blog
An America For Every Season, in Synaesthesia
In Search of the Perseids, in The Real Story

Book reviews

I love reading and I love writing, so naturally I love writing about books! I write reviews for Stonecrop Review and I have also had reviews published in other outlets. If you have a book about urban nature coming out that you’d like Stonecrop Review to feature, please contact me over at stonecrop.review@gmail.com. For all other topics relevant to my interest (see above), contact me here!

Examples of book reviews

My Wild and Sleepless Nights by Clover Stroud, reviewed for Literary Mama
Car Park Life: A Portrait of Britain’s Unexplored Urban Wilderness by Gareth E. Rees, reviewed for Stonecrop Review
The Way of Coyote by Gavin Van Horn, reviewed for Stonecrop Review
Richard Jefferies: Nature Near London, review essay published in the Richard Jefferies Society Journal
Review: Night Waking by Sarah Moss (and interview with Sarah Moss), reviewed for Falmouth and Exeter Student Newspaper