Lowry and Kate Herbert

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Kate Herbert, aged 14This is the second part of my two parter on Lowry (read the first part here). I’m fortunate in that my grandma, Kate Herbert, is a Salford born artist who knew Lowry. Kate studied at the Salford College of Art where Lowry could often be found and also had an exhibition alongside Lowry. Although I have grown up and lived in Manchester for most of my life, I don’t recognise the Manchester I know in Lowry’s paintings. I wanted to get a better understanding of the place that absorbed him for most of his life, so I decided to interview my grandma to learn more about Lowry’s Manchester and Salford.Read More »Lowry and Kate Herbert

Lowry and The Sea

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Had I not known I was looking at a Lowry I probably wouldn’t have guessed it was his work. When I think of LS Lowry I think of crowds of match-stick figures and dream-like cityscapes. I certainly don’t think of blank canvases, but that is almost what The Sea is.

The painting is divided about two-fifths of the way down by a horizon line. Below this is a calm sea, its surface rippled by gentle waves and above it, an empty sky. The sea is a pale blue, with hints of yellow and green, becoming darker as it reaches towards an unseen shore. The sky mirrors this with a pale grey turning darker as it gets further from the horizon. That is it, just water and sky and nothing else; no land, no people, no birds, no boats.

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