Meet me at St Pancras

The Meeting Place

I made one of my rare and fleeting trips to London yesterday to attend a conference. I caught the train to and from St Pancras and as I was wandering round the train station waiting for my train home I noticed the above statue from afar. The two giant, kissing figures loom over the station, even as the impressive span of the Victorian station roof looms over them. Read More »Meet me at St Pancras

Review: The Unofficial Countryside by Richard Mabey

The Unofficial Countryside spans the four seasons and is Richard Mabey’s account of wildlife within and around London. Published in 1973 it was ahead of its time with its focus on urban nature, something that is still relatively under-represented by the nature writing canon. In each chapter Mabey visits various liminal or marginalised spaces – such as sewage works, rubbish dumps, and gravel works – as well as the more acceptable faces of urban nature – such as parks, gardens, and golf courses – and writes about the plant, bird, and animal life that he encounters there.Read More »Review: The Unofficial Countryside by Richard Mabey