I went for a wander and found… a crocodile!

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This morning’s sunshine tricked me into pulling on my shoes and coat and heading out for a walk. I was beginning to regret the hat and scarf as I walked through the quiet Sunday streets in bright, warm sunshine.

On my way to the park I came across a heron on a lamppost. In fact, it’s quite a common sight around here. I’ve also seen them on gate posts, railings and rooftops. They always look to me as though they’re guarding something…Read More »I went for a wander and found… a crocodile!

A windy afternoon at Attenborough

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I like this time of year. I like the dying days of summer and the shortening hours of light. It felt especially autumnal today, with big blustery skies and a coat-cold wind blowing.

I decided to spend the afternoon at Attenborough. I haven’t been for a while now and all through those intervening weeks I’ve felt its pull. I’ve been imagining those paths and waterways and cycling along them in my mind. Read More »A windy afternoon at Attenborough

The Heron Journals



Wherever I live I seem to encounter herons. In St Andrews a solitary heron lived on the Kinnessburn, in Manchester there is a pair of herons living on the pond in Alexandra Park, and in Nottingham there is another pair of herons at the university’s Jubilee Campus. Here’s a series of short posts about those herons, some of them memories, some of them first hand accounts jotted down in notebooks.Read More »The Heron Journals