From Plymouth to Penryn via Google Maps

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Google map

I wrote this piece for my MA in Writing, Nature and Place. It was originally published in Peninsula Magazine.

The journey from Plymouth to Penryn begins at my kitchen table. I set up my laptop, make myself a cup of tea and type Plymouth into the search bar of Google maps. I’m dropped down into the middle of the Royal Parade. I do a 360° turn, it looks to be a thoroughfare with shops on one side and a church on the other. Google Street View works by showing a yellow line along the road you are on. Arrows pointing backward and forward allow you to select the previous or next image, enabling you to “travel” along the road. I click on the arrow pointing east and set off under a grey and overcast sky. I reach a roundabout and try to navigate my way round it. It’s disorientating and I have to stop and check I haven’t missed my exit. I’m beginning to realise this journey is going to be a long and arduous process.Read More »From Plymouth to Penryn via Google Maps

Wistman’s Wood

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Wistman's WoodIn January of this year I spent a few days staying with my friend Tim Halpin and his girlfriend in Devon and whilst I was there we made a trip to Dartmoor to visit Wistman’s Wood, an ancient woodland of stunted dwarf oaks. It was my first ever visit to Dartmoor and the weather was suitably cold and overcast. Wistman’s Wood is also suitably haunted by folklore and whisperings of evil hounds, druids and gruesome goings-on.

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