On bouldering and writing and sticking (at) it


Me, working on a tricky bouldering problem

As a kid my family and I would go out into the countryside – usually the Peak District – on nice weekends to hike and rock climb. I was a pretty fearless kid and I loved climbing. I was pretty good at it to – I had a flexibility I’m envious of now.

I lost interest in rock climbing as a teenager, but I’m finally getting back into it. Now my husband has the bug too and we’ve started going indoor bouldering (there aren’t any rocks in the Netherlands) twice a week.

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A windy afternoon at Attenborough

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I like this time of year. I like the dying days of summer and the shortening hours of light. It felt especially autumnal today, with big blustery skies and a coat-cold wind blowing.

I decided to spend the afternoon at Attenborough. I haven’t been for a while now and all through those intervening weeks I’ve felt its pull. I’ve been imagining those paths and waterways and cycling along them in my mind. Read More »A windy afternoon at Attenborough

The Roches

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I think one of the reasons that I developed a love of nature and nature writing is that I was fortune enough, despite growing up in the city, to have spent a lot of time as a child in the countryside. And in particular, as a family – at least in my memory, it was probably less frequent than I think – we often spent weekends out in the Peak District, climbing and┬ápicnicking. A few days ago I went outdoor climbing for the first time in years. I finished work at five, changed into my climbing gear and drove off to The Roches with my stepdad. Read More »The Roches