How do you treat your books?

I’m reading a collection of essays at the moment called Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman. The essays explore the various aspects of the reading and writing life, such as: how to marry someone else’s books, messages on flyleaves, You-Are-There reading, the pitfalls of being a compulsive proofreading and plagiarism. However, I particularly enjoyed the essay ‘Never Do That To A Book’ about how people treat their books.

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To be amongst friends

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This week I was in Paris for a work meeting and whilst there I went along with some colleagues to see Notre Dame. It was evening, so we didn’t have the chance to go inside, and once we had taken a few pictures we decided to go for a wander and find somewhere to eat. As we were walking along we spotted a bookshop with shelves outside. I assumed the books would all be in French and besides I tend to avoid bookshops these days since I usually end up buying something. But the books on the shelves outside turned out to be English books and when one of my colleagues went inside the shop, we all followed.Read More »To be amongst friends

A few of my favourite books

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As it’s World Book Day and I love books, I thought I’d have a look through my messy bookshelves and pick out some of my favourite books – the ones I’ve carted with me around the UK and across the North Sea, the ones that I love just looking at because they’re beautiful works of art, and the ones I’ve read to death.Read More »A few of my favourite books

Book Spine Poetry

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Inspired by Brain Pickings‘s Book Spine Poetry I decided to create my own. Here’s a few of the poems I came up with. I tried to stick to nature writing books and they’re very short poems. I could have kept going but I was in danger of completely dismantling my bookshelves. I apologise for the poor quality of the photos, I had to use my phone’s camera and the light isn’t great either. But I do like the reflection on our glass dinning table.Read More »Book Spine Poetry