Art In Your Park

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The University of Nottingham’s Park campus is currently playing host to the Art In Your Park exhibition, with art works dotted around the campus. This week, on a walk round the lake on campus, I came across a few of the exhibits. The exhibition is supposed to explore ‘the enduring bond between nature and culture’, but I thought it was interesting the way nature (and possible people) were interacting with the art works, with parts falling off or being blown around by the wind. It certainly added some interest to my usual lunchtime walk!Read More »Art In Your Park

A potted history of Nottingham’s Eastland Island wasteland

Yesterday I attended a seminar called ‘The Eastside Island: Creativity, Capital and Commons in Contemporary City Space’. Despite the rather long-winded title it was actually very interesting. The talk was about a patch of wasteland in Nottingham city centre known as the Island and how capitalism is trying to appropriate creativity in order to redefine the space.Read More »A potted history of Nottingham’s Eastland Island wasteland

Lowry and The Sea

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Had I not known I was looking at a Lowry I probably wouldn’t have guessed it was his work. When I think of LS Lowry I think of crowds of match-stick figures and dream-like cityscapes. I certainly don’t think of blank canvases, but that is almost what The Sea is.

The painting is divided about two-fifths of the way down by a horizon line. Below this is a calm sea, its surface rippled by gentle waves and above it, an empty sky. The sea is a pale blue, with hints of yellow and green, becoming darker as it reaches towards an unseen shore. The sky mirrors this with a pale grey turning darker as it gets further from the horizon. That is it, just water and sky and nothing else; no land, no people, no birds, no boats.

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