Notes from a far isle January ’21

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Technically a December 2020 photo, but I apparently haven’t taken any photos in January. This was taken on a dog walk and I liked the composition with the Christmas lights, the power line and the full moon.

In my last blog post, I wrote about not setting goals for the year. But I guess that wasn’t entirely true, because I have set myself the goal of publishing more on my blog. I aim to publish a bi-weekly essay, but I’ve also decided to intersperse those essays with a bi-weekly series of “Notes from a far isle.” This will be a place for me to dump book, essay, film, television, and music recommendations—as well as anything else that crosses my radar. Plus the odd bit of self-promotion for good measure. I can’t claim it will be a treasure trove of resources, but I think one of the things I miss most about social media (see my post about quitting Twitter and Instagram) is getting to share things I love with others.

This month I’m reading…

Toronto the Wild by Wayne Grady – A few years ago now, I set out to read every book of creative writing on urban nature ever published, a project I originally called Small Rain after a quote from Richard Jefferey’s Nature Near London. I figured there would be about 10-20 books on the list, but the list has since grown to include 78+ books and it keeps growing all the time. I’ve decided to jump back into this project and at least get a few more books from the list read this year! I’m almost done with Toronto the Wild and I’m planning to write a blog post about it, and a few other Toronto-based urban nature books in the near future. For now I’ll say that I’ve found this book to be a fascinating primer on urban nature, including some of its less savory aspects—the chapter on cockroaches! *shudders*

This month I’m listening to…

I’m a little bit obsessed with “The Mother” by Brandi Carlile at the moment, and the official music video is worth watching—I especially love that it includes scenes of mothers breastfeeding and pumping that looked authentic and real. This song also almost makes me wish I’d named my daughter Evangeline.

This month I’ve published…

Well, not technically published this month, but I thought I’d share my latest publication, which was a book review for Literary Mama of Clover Stroud’s My Wild and Sleepless Nights.

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