The first day of spring

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Wednesday, March 20 – Today was the first day of spring. It didn’t feel like spring when I caught the bus this morning. The bus shelter was laced with ice and I crunched over frozen puddles. As the bus drove past my local park, I looked out over the still-frozen pond, ringed by frost-tinged trees and grass. Just as I had seen them gathering at the start of winter, the pond was busy with geese. They have been honking overhead for days now, heralding the changing season.¬†As the bus turned a corner, I saw a distant tall, glass building glowing pink. I looked behind me and saw the sun rising above the horizon, a sliver of pink.

I spent the work day in a meeting, held in a room in an old building, with large divided light windows across two walls. I sat with my back to one of the windows and as the sun rose above the buildings across the street, it started to warm me until I shivered with the pleasure of it. I have been looking forward to this moment throughout the long winter months – the moment when the sun hits you and it finally feels warm.

Later on, when my colleagues and I walked outside for lunch, though it felt chilly in the shade, the sidewalks buzzed with people carrying their coats. I was reminded of being in school. In primary school, there was always that first playtime when you didn’t need to put your coat on. I remember staying in the classroom one playtime to finish a story I was writing and my friend running inside. She exhorted me to come out and play, it’s summer! In high school, there was always the first day in the year when I’d walk home with a backpack stuffed with my coat, blazer and jumper.

This has undoubtedly been the longest, coldest winter I’ve ever experienced. It seemed to start in November, with the first snow fall and, despite the first official day of spring, seems determined to stretch it’s way into March. But feeling the sun’s warmth today has given me hope. It reminded me of a quote by Albert Camus: In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

Tuesday, April 2 – This weekend we woke up to this:

So perhaps spring is still a while off, despite officially starting two weeks ago!

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